This process deep cleans mattresses, to great results. A fully trained Sleepsure representative will always work to the exacting standards set out by Sleepsure, to ensure that your caravan mattress is clean &  fresh.

Sleep is an extremely important part of life, and you want to make sure you are 100% comfortable in the bed you are sleeping in!

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About Sleepsure, The Business.

Sleepsure is a system developed in 2013.

We had a vision to rewrite the standards of caravan interior hygiene, and wanted to develop this and share it with the caravan community!

Sleepsure trains its ‘Sleepsure Representatives’ to a very high standard, and quality control is absolutely paramount at every stage of the Sleepsure process.

About Sleepsure, The Product.

The Sleepsure system has very simple steps, which when carried out results in wonderfully clean and fresh mattresses!

You will know a Sleepsure mattress when you see one, it smells fresh, looks clean and has a ‘Sleepsure Promise’ ticket attached to it (as shown in the picture) (left)