This process deep cleans mattresses, to great results. A fully trained Sleepsure representative will always work to the exacting standards set out by Sleepsure, to ensure that your caravan mattress is clean &  fresh.

Sleep is an extremely important part of life, and you want to make sure you are 100% comfortable in the bed you are sleeping in!

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The Sleepsure process is a highly guarded secret! However...

We carry out 3 basic tasks, to make sure that the caravan mattress is clean and fresh, the Sleepsure way.

1) We power vacuum the mattress, with an industrial vacuum. This gets into the fibres of the mattress to loosen any debris or build up, from within.

2) We steam clean, with an industrial steam cleaner, the entire mattress, on all sides. Using high pressure steam, at high temperatures is a guaranteed way to get deep into the core of the mattress.

3) The Sleepsure treatment is applied, onto all surfaces, and then removed, leaving a clean & fresh mattress, ready for many happy and comfortable nights sleep.

That is the Sleepsure way!